Corporate Training Center

Along with other national corporations, we are facing tough competition in attracting talented and promising managers with successful work experience. The solution to this problem, in our opinion, is an investment in the development of domestic talents, including through training at the Corporate Training Center, which began its work in early 2014.

The main objectives of our training center are:
1. development of professional skills and personal competencies of employees;
2. stable provision of the Corporation’s business areas with personnel reserve in the short and long term;
3. increase the speed and efficiency of adaptation of employees on a trial period; formation of involvement and commitment of the newly adopted staff from the first days of work in the Corporation;
4. broadcast a single corporate culture

E-learning in Logos.
A distance learning system (DLS) has been implemented at the Corporate Training Center to provide each employee with access to the Corporation's knowledge library. Being cost-effective for use across the Corporation, convenient from the point of view of time management of trained employees, the distance learning system allows for a consistent approach to training (from training when entering the position to developing the required skills)