The new era revises all the stamps. It reinvents many things. Should I reinvent the wheel? For the modern person it is not a question. Do modern bikes have much in common with the first ones? What do modern smartphones have in common with the phones Bell invented? What do Tesla cars have in common with the first “self-propelled carriages” and even with those cars that were developed just a couple of decades ago?

“AleXX” is a brandy reinvented!

A new generation is changing the world. Civilization is driven by young people. More recently, it was the young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Today, these are Mark Zuckerberg, Pavel Durov, Sergey Brin, Ilan Musk (the creator of Tesla Motors), young millionaires and billionaires of Silicon Valley, successful start-apers, young scientists. Freelancers traveling around the world and earning tens of thousands of dollars with one click. Players on cryptocurrency exchanges that make a state of the ultra-modern phenomena. The creators of the most modern software, sitting with light laptops on the ocean. What drink inspires young people who are rapidly changing the world? This is the alcohol of the new millennium.

"AleXX" - the first and only refined alcoholic drink, which appeared in the XXI century. This is the best that is created with us. Everything else is hopelessly outdated.