Bartolomeo Resort Town

Premium-class Residential Complex Bartolomeo Resort Town is a resort city in the center of an industrial metropolis.

A feature of the project is a unique infrastructure, a set of services typical for a high-quality resort that meets the most demanding requirements. The main advantages of the Bartolomeo Resort Town are:

Location on the river bank

  • Great views of the river and the city
  • Park area 6.5 ha
  • Having a private beach area and swimming pool
  • Own yacht club
  • Hydro port
  • Helipad
  • Children's and sports grounds
  • Restaurant complex.

The structure of the resort city also includes Valeo Spa Resort Tsunami.
Valeo Spa Resort includes a hotel with 150 rooms, a wellness complex, a unique SPA with different types of water reservoirs, 5 conference areas, bars and restaurants, a casino, a modern fitness center, and a wide range of health, wellness, and preventive procedures. Also, Valeo Spa Resort will include an anti-age clinic - a set of programs and procedures aimed at rehabilitation, prevention, and recovery (everything that is not related to a surgical intervention).

Bartolomeo Resort Town is the city of the future. This is a real recreation area. City of dreams, city of happiness. In addition to numerous rational advantages, the resort city is also endowed with a special symbol - the Chinese eternal knot or infinity knot. The eternal knot symbolizes the desire for knowledge, for eternal wisdom and beauty, the desire for love. All those living under this symbol easily set goals for themselves and achieve them. The eternal knot is present in many details of the residential complex and accompanies residents throughout life, bringing happiness, character and well-being.

Learn more about the residential complex on the official website or on the YouTube channel.