Company "Drink Distribution Systems"

The company "Drink Distribution Systems" is the successor of the successful distribution company Market Group, which is also a part of the First National Wine-Making Holding together with the House of vintage brandy "Tavria" and Inkerman International AB.

DDS unites in its portfolio not only the leaders of the wine and cognac categories of the national production TM Inkerman, TM Tavria, TM Jaton, TM Alexx, TM Georgievsky, Borisfen TM, and the best manufacturers of high-quality imported products of the near abroad, such as: TM “Bagrationi”, TM “Badagoni”, TM “Bostavan” and others, the company’s portfolio also contains world famous blended and single malt whiskeys: TM “Grants”, TM “Glenfiddich”, TM “Balvenie”, TM“Tullamore Dew”and others. The company provides its suppliers with trade marketing and distribution services nationwide.

Today, Drink Distribution Systems is among 5 leading distribution companies in Ukraine with a staff of more than 900 employees and 15 regional branches, covering more than 40,000 points of sale.



Mission and values

DDS company mission

Meeting the needs of the general population of Ukraine in high-quality alcohol in various price categories. This is done by direct delivery to the best outlets of the key and strategic markets of Ukraine; work through subdistributors with other outlets. At the same time, the company is striving for a leading position in the market, providing constantly growing profits to its shareholders and partners at all levels of distribution.

- Annual plans based on LRP are coordinated and implemented.

- Joint business begins with a common vision of the market, its dynamics, the degree of brand representation and goals for the desired market share in the medium and long term (3-5 years). Based on this data, a plan of strategic activities is being jointly developed (long-term plan - LRP).

- By providing distribution and trade marketing services, DDS primarily seeks to establish long-term strategic cooperation with its main partners.


Coverage and development

Drink Distribution Systems covers more than 30,000 outlets directly and through sub-distributors.
13 regional branches are located in the most densely populated and developed regions.

"Drink Distribution Systems" has a matrix structure, divided both by functional principle and by distribution channels, taking into account the specifics of individual channels.

Products are delivered to warehouses in 13 regions and shipped directly to customers.

The in-house trade marketing department works closely with key partners and national and local retail outlets to provide the best solution that best suits the category and / or brand.

Official site: http://dds.ua