Everyday experience shows that further development of various forms of activity is an interesting experiment verification system training, meets basic needs.


The company "Drink Distribution Systems" is the successor of the successful distribution company Market Group, which is also a part of the First National Wine-Making Holding together with the House of vintage brandy "Tavria" and Inkerman International AB.

Bartolomeo Best River Resort

Creative Club Bartolomeo is the epitome of a beautiful legend in a grand establishment. Everything that can bring peace of mind and harmony, is in Creative Club Bartolomeo, all the best that Dnepropetrovsk clubs can offer.

Tsunami Spa Hotel Fitness

TSUNAMI SPA HOTEL is located in the heart of the historical part of Dnepropetrovsk, near the borders of the Monastic Island, near the old park and the Embankment of the Dnieper.


Development is one of the priority areas for LOGOS Corporation, as it contributes to its development and the definition of promising areas of activity.


«Logos-Sport» company began its activities in 1998 as a distributor of the world-famous transnational corporation Bombardier Inc. in Ukraine and Moldova.

Bartolomeo Resort Town

Bartolomeo Resort Town is a cozy and quiet world inside a huge city. There is everything necessary for life: cafes, restaurants, a magnificent SPA, beauty salons, pharmacies, medical centers, fitness centers and dentistry.

For owners of the apartments is equipped with a spacious underground parking, and guest parking is provided for guests.

Choosing life in Bartolomeo Resort Town, you choose the atmosphere of a comfortable suburban life in the center of the Dnieper.

Shopping city Babylon

«Babylon» is a comfortable and relaxing place for the whole family.

On weekdays and holidays Babylon works for you! Here you can make a pleasant shopping trip and buy for yourself and your loved ones everything you need and original, everyday and festive, as well as relax, eat tasty food, meet your loved ones and friends, feel not a guest, but the main character of an endless holiday in Babylon

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Корпорация LOGOS

In 1995, Logos Corporation began its work on the Ukrainian market, 

taking an active position in the market and investing in the real sector of production. 

The ideas laid by the Corporation gave rise to the development of industrial enterprises in Ukraine. 

Today, the company's brands are widely known both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.