LOGOS Corporation

Nearly three decades, since 1995, the Corporation "LOGOS" successfully works in the Ukrainian market, actively expanding the field of its activities. «LOGOS» - a large trading-industrial corporation, it consists of companies specializing in the production, distribution, import and export of various consumer goods and elite products and services.

The corporation is actively investing in the development of promising areas of modern business, the undoubted success on this path are: the creation of a unique Genesis club system, the organization of the First National Wine-Making Holding, development projects of the Logos-Invest direction.

The corporation does not stand aside from the processes that occur in the life of Ukrainian society. «LOGOS» - an active philanthropist supporting domestic sport, art, culture. Today Corporation «LOGOS» He is a sponsor of national teams of Ukraine and famous theater projects.

Decades will pass, and society will make a choice in favor of high quality, advanced technologies, and eternal values.

Corporation «LOGOS» seeks to bring this time closer. What many strive for tomorrow, we offer today.

The future has come. It was opened by a "LOGOS".