About business

Development is one of the priority areas for LOGOS Corporation, as it contributes to its development and the definition of promising areas of activity.

Taking into account the fact that over the past 10 years the portfolio of the Corporation’s development projects has been constantly growing, it was decided to establish a specialized company “LOGOS Development Group” (LDG) responsible for systematization of development projects, control and management, as well as development of the development portfolio and search, development of new promising investment projects.

The main activities of the LOGOS Development Group include:

  • development of the concept of a development project;
  • integrated management of development projects;
  • a full range of marketing research, development of a marketing plan and a concept for the withdrawal, promotion and implementation of a project on the market;
  • business planning;
  • legal consulting and project support;
  • performance of customer functions: allotment of land plots, development of a town-planning study, obtaining a full package of permits, passing an examination;
  • engineering
  • attraction of investments;
  • maintenance of construction, implementation of technical supervision, commissioning of facilities;
  • implementation, rental of residential and non-residential real estate, land;

administration and maintenance of real estate.

LDG is a dynamically developing development company.

The main function is the development and implementation of investment-attractive promising projects that are reliable and profitable for investing potential investors.

The flawless business reputation of LOGOS Corporation, the highly professional LDG team and positive experience in various commercial projects, plays a key role.



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