About business

LOGOS Corporation is a major national commercial and industrial corporation that creates/develops high-quality goods and services aimed at achieving the perfect level of comfort and consumer everyday life. Its activities are also aimed at the Ukrainian nation’s health recovery, the development of Ukrainian culture and science, raising the level of society’s morality and spirituality.

LDG — Logos Development Group — a specialized company responsible for systematization, control and management of development projects, as well as for the expansion of the portfolio.

The main activities of Logos Development Group include:

  • searching prospective land plots for the development of multifunctional projects,
  • investment analysis,
  • fundraising,
  • concept development with the architectural project,
  • project management, obtaining the necessary permits, support of construction and maintenance of buildings and complexes, etc.

The company’s head office: Naberezhna Peremohy, 9B