Bartolomeo Best River Resort

Creative Club Bartolomeo is an incarnation of a beautiful legend in grandiose establishment. You can find here everything for balance and harmony of your soul.

The conception of Creative club Bartolomeo is based on the legend, connected with the expedition of Portuguese navigator Bartholomew Diash, who opened Cape of Good Hope. This legend is reflected in original aesthetic design — the Club is decorated in African style and the restaurant complex is a stylized ship.

Exotic memorials of the African tribes’ history, presented at park-museum of ethnography, mirror the culture of ancient Africa and make this area exclusive and elegant. Historical wealth and coloring of these samples of monumental southern history bring the glorious beauty to this place.

Creative Club Bartolomeo is situated on picturesque bank of the Dnepr at the centre of Dnipropetrovs’k, one of the largest Ukrainian cities, near the main traffic line. The embankment, where the club is placed, is the longest one in Europe.

For Genesis System members there are full range of bonuses and privileges, surprises and lavish presents — everything, giving pleasure to body and soul.

Creative Club Bartolomeo — loving the life!


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