PJSC «House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» - one of the largest cognac industries of Ukraine, with complete production cycle. This is one of the oldest cognac enterprises in Eastern Europe.

House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» - member of the «First National Winemaking Holding» FNWH, among the key wineries Ukraine, as well as a leader in the production of vintage cognacs in Ukraine.

 Long tradition of innovation, production discipline and strict adherence to classic winemaking technology, love to favorites cause and desire to please consumers - the components of success, providing an impeccable reputation and worldwide fame «Tavria».


PJSC «House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» (New Kakhovka ) - a company with more than a century of history , dating back to 1889. First association of winegrowers came here in the early 80 -ies of the XIX century. Winemakers came from France, Switzerland and Germany. That they were able to bring these ancient traditions of winemaking, carefully kept by descendants. In 1921, a partnership was established winemakers called «quicksand» in 1929 based farm «Peremoga naymitіv», which in 1960 was renamed vinsovhoz «Tavria» ( 1976 - State Farm - plant «Tavria» ). Third in October 1998 it became a public company and the name - JSC «Agro-industrial company «Tavria». November 12, 2011 in New Kakhovka the shareholders' meeting of JSC «AIF «Tavria», which , according to the Law of Ukraine «On Joint Stock Companies» № 514 -VI dated 17.09.2008, it was decided to change the name of the company with the Open Joint Stock Company «Agro-industrial company «Tavria» Public Joint Stock Company «The House of vintage cognacs  «Tavria».


Geographically Public Joint Stock Company «The House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» is located on the 46th parallel , that is on the same parallel with the world famous city of Cognac (France), home to the same noble drink. At the end of XIX century, the famous Ukrainian soil scientist Golovyanko ZS called this place where nature has created a unique environment for the growth of the vine, «Ukrainian Champagne . «Climatic zone where Tavria vineyards, recognized by leading domestic and foreign experts of one of the cleanest areas of Ukraine. The reason for this is that the vineyards of «House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» located on the territory, which was millions of years ago riverbed Borisfen (now - Dnipro ). Plantation House vineyards vintage cognacs «Tavria» within an hour's drive from the biosphere reserve «Askania Nova». Previously there was the steppe. These lands are stored print legends of ancient peoples Scythians Polovtzy Sarmatians, and the glory of the Zaporozhye Cossacks who defended the Ukrainian frontier outlaws.

And not in vain in the range of cognacs «Tavria» is a special, ten-year collection cognac «Ascanius», named in honor of the 100th anniversary of the commandments pearls Tavriyskikh steppes. 


At PJSC «House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» was developed and successfully implemented the program of escalating feedstock for the production of wines and brandies. 30 grape varieties are grown (rkatsiteli , Chardonnay , Aligoté , Sauvignon, Riesling , Cabernet , Merlot, etc.) imported seedlings of elite varieties from France, its own nursery , intensive planting grapes introduced by European standards with drip irrigation and phyto-monitoring.

Production is carried out in cognac cubes Charentais type. Cognacs «Tavria» aged in oak barrels 6500 the traditional technology of production of cognacs.

House of vintage cognacs «Tavria» - the undisputed leader in authentic vintage cognacs of Ukraine. These may be referred to only those brandies are produced from grapes Ukrainian, enterprises complete cycle of brandy production - starting from its own vineyards, perekurki alcohol and aging in oak barrels for at least six years. Vintage brandy additional time is called a collector.

In 1967 they released their first vintage cognac «Tavria» ( 7 years old) .

Collection cognacs are available from: 1997 – «Ascanius» ( 10 years), 1969 - «Dnipro» (12 years), 1984 - «Kherson» (15 years), and from 1997 - «Imperial» ( 25 years ), the best in the portfolio enterprise products.

The retail audit conducted by RTRI products brand «Tavria» many years is about one-third of the premium segment of the market brandies in Ukraine , the company annually sells record number of branded products of Ukrainian exporters. Ukraine currently cognac premium quality manufactured from only the finest cognac.

Other products Houses vintage cognacs «Tavria» certified. At all stages of production conducted rigorous chemical and biological quality control of wine produced and finished beverages.


Consumers receive quality assurance cognacs produced under the trademark «Tavria». By calling toll-free hotline number and calling revenue stamps, Litre bottles and bottling date specified on the label, you will receive detailed information about the product's authenticity. Support is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00.


The range of cognacs TM «Tavria» includes ordinary, vintage and collectible cognacs :

• «Tavria»

• «Kakhovka»

• «Tavriia Classic»

• «Askaniya»

• «Kherson»

• «Imperial»

Unusual taste and subtle aroma and collection brandies appreciated consumers and high-class professionals.

From 1970 to 2013 production houses vintage cognacs «Tavria» received at international tasting competitions and exhibitions 138 gold, 106 silver and 44 bronze medals, 36 special awards and 11 awards Grand Prix.

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