Cognac production technology

Making brandy in the house "Tavria" - a unique process. The fact is that it is here that the grapes go through a full cycle of processing: ripe berries turn into the magic drink “Jatone”, which is bottled. Finding another way to produce brandy using the full cycle is difficult not only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders.

The grape turns into cognac and reaches the consumer through the following stages:

collection, processing;
rest, filtering;
spill and quality control.

The vineyards of the House of vintage brandy "Tavria" are located in Nova Kakhovka, 46 parallels, as well as the cradle of brandy production - the French city of the same name. This brings together the tastes and quality of the Tavrian and French drinks.

Magnificent ecology, magnificent fertile lands, specially selected grape varieties, centuries-old methods of distillation and aging in oak barrels, it would seem, are all components for a perfect cognac. However, this is not all - such criteria as the thread of time and tribute to traditions are also important.

Cognac "Zhaton" is the memory of people who believed in their dream and put all their efforts into making brandy. A group of French-Swiss colonists, which included Jean Jaton, Julius Meyer and Louis Gehler, discovered this land in the 19th century, turning sandy deserts into flowering vineyards. Thanks to their efforts, the village of Osnova was founded, which we now know as New Kakhovka.

The magical combination of cognac ingredients from the House "Tavria" gives the drinks a truly unique taste. The energy of the sun, the richness of the grapes, the work of the masters are expressed in impeccable quality and aroma of Jatone cognac, which gives a feeling of full-color and vibrant life. Manufacturers are proud to call “Jatone” a perfect drink, and they know a lot about cognacs!