Legend has it that the blend of “Georgievsky” was recreated according to the brandy found in the flask of the White Guard officer, which was found during the construction of a new shop at the Tavriya factory in Novaya Kakhovka, on the bank of the Dnieper. More precisely, we do not know whether it was an officer, but the Cross of St. George, found right there, and determined the name of the blend. In the Civil War, there were protracted battles of the old and the new world. And the taste of the drink that gave the fighters strength, we considered the most courageous of all our cognacs.
For this, the emperor subjected Great Martyr George to terrible agony, for eight days he was pricked with spears, thrown into a hole with quicklime, beaten with whips, broke bones, and was forced to renounce Christ. But the great martyr George did not flinch, endured all the mockery, pain, suffering, and died without betraying his faith. St. George the Victorious was buried in the city of Lod, which is located in modern Israel. St. George is the patron saint of Ukraine, depicted on the coat of arms of the Kiev region.

The Georgievsky trademark is named in honor of Great Martyr George and bears strength and courage, a tribute to our ancestors, who have won for us with the victories of freedom, which we honor and remember!






The entire line of cognac is aged in barrels of Transcarpathian oak, which is famous for its rich tannins and has a place of ecologically pure origin.
The synergy of the southern grape varieties that are included in the blend of brandy and trace elements of Transcarpathian oak gives “Georgievsky” brandy a special flavor profile that can be distinguished from any other brandy with closed eyes.

The cognacs of the Georgievsky trademark are especially saturated with oak oils and in order to get maximum pleasure from its taste it is necessary to use cognac in very small sips, slightly “chewing” it, filling the mouth with velvety, oily notes that will leave a pleasant, chocolate-nut aftertaste!