Crimean reserve

The new brandy "Crimean reserve" will be a real gift for true connoisseurs of Crimean brandy. This drink is made primarily of white Riesling grapes, harvested by hand in the best vineyards in the Crimea, including the world famous Sevastopol winemaking zone.

Cognac is aged in oak barrels for at least three and five years.

It has a characteristic Riesling color from light gold to amber-copper. The Crimean Reserve cognac has a fruity aroma with hints of noble oak. The taste is soft, balanced, in harmony with the bouquet, with a light honey aftertaste.

"Crimean reserve" will remind you of the southern summer on the south coast of Crimea

The homeland of Riesling grapes is Germany, but nowadays this variety is grown all over the world. In the mid-80s, the largest in the world Riesling Square occupied in the USSR, and in the Crimea. According to statistics, the vineyards with Riesling occupied 25,000 hectares. But the planned system of the socialist economy did not inspire the winegrowers to wait patiently until the grapes ripen completely, so the Soviet Riesling wine could not boast of full-bodiedness. In this regard, part of the vineyards began to be used for growing grapes, from which they produced brandy.

At the same time, these brandies centrally began to be supplied to the tables of the top party leadership of the country. The older generation, not by hearsay, was familiar with the cognac production of the Crimea and appreciated Ukrainian cognac, often higher than the famous Armenian samples.

In the USSR, winemaking products created in Ukraine have always been famous, because here there are unique in nature soil and climatic conditions that allow you to grow grapes of exceptional quality and create world-class wines and cognacs. The Crimean sun and the ground give such strength and flavor to the grapes that the drinks created from it cannot be confused with the most famous examples.