Cognac "Borisfen" - the legendary classic from the House of vintage cognacs "TAVRIA" in a large assortment.

The first bottle of «Borisfen» brandy appeared on the shelves of Soviet stores in the distant 70s. Along with this brandy grew more than one generation of Ukrainians.

The era has changed, and the cognac «Borisfen» has been and remains for its admirers a symbol of the traditional Ukrainian cognac classics. Cognac was made from cognac alcohols of four years of aging. By preserving the common taste style of this legendary drink, the «Tavria» brand of cognac has expanded the line, completing it with two positions of three and five years of exposure.

For a line the design of a new bottle and the external design are developed. We tried to preserve the existing stylistics, while making it as concise and modern as possible. The new logo in the form of a sail is symbolic. Sail is a continuous movement forward, in the unknown and the ability to use the gifts of nature itself for the benefit.

«Borisfen» is an ancient Greek name of the Dnipro River, on which more than 120 years old one of the old cognac enterprises of Ukraine - the «Tavria» brand of cognacs. As in the days of our parents, Borisfen brandy remains the standard of the traditional southern style of cognacs, which is beloved by many Ukrainians and conquers new admirers, keeping traditions in a new form. Bright and rich taste with tons of prunes and honey herbs, chocolate and vanilla notes in a bouquet of cognac create a unique image of the Tauride «Borysphen». The Borisfen brand embodies the traditional way of life with an emphasis on family values. Therefore, this cognac is created for people who appreciate seasoned beverages with a taste of noble oak.

For many decades, «Borisfen» is a symbol of Ukrainian-inspired cognacs born on the fertile Taurian land - a unique cognac terroir, located on one 46th geographical parallel with the homeland of French cognacs - Charente.