Cave de Askaniac

The house of vintage brandy "Tavria" has created an authentic premium brand "Cave de Askaniac" from the region of Ascania.

The region of Askania is the famous biosphere reserve “Askania-Nova”, located in the Kherson region of Ukraine, near Novaya Kakhovka.

The area of ​​the reserve is 33,307.6 hectare, of which 11,054 hectare is an “absolutely protected” steppe zone, that is, virgin territory, which the plow never touched. Ascanian steppe belongs to the fescue-feather-grass type, it is the only virgin territory of this type in Europe.

“Cave de Askaniac” is a premium brandy made from 100% of the young and aged spirits of the House of vintage brandy “Tavria”.

The aroma of “Cave de Askaniac” is saturated with notes of citrus and duchesse, the soft rounded taste melts in the mouth, leaving an oily flavor with an emphasis on chocolate with hazelnut. Fragrant, floral aftertaste.

DMK "Tavria" first created aged brandy from a unique zone of viticulture - Lower Dnieper sand. The basis of the style is its own cognac spirits and long traditions of production.

DMK "Tavria" uses a unique, Charenta technology of aging of alcohols. Brandy blend consists of 100% self-produced spirits aged in Transcarpathian oak barrels. The mixture of two styles, two different directions, two different countries merge into one unforgettable gamut of flavor and taste of the brand “Cave de Askaniac”.